06 November 2013
Hakan Yaman - Beaten, burned and left for dead

On 3 June 2013, Hakan Yaman was walking home from work in Istanbul when he passed a public demonstration against police violence in Gezi Park. He explained that within moments he was caught up in a brutal attack by police officers: 

“I was first sprayed by water cannon. Then I was hit in the stomach with a tear gas canister and I fell down. Around five police officers came over and began hitting me repeatedly on the head. One of them put a hard object into my eye and gouged my eye out. By then I was lying down, without moving. I heard one of them say ‘this one is finished, let’s completely finish him off’. They dragged me about 10 to 20 meters and threw me onto a fire. They left and I dragged myself out of the fire.” 

Hakan Yaman lost one eye and 80% of the sight in his other eye. He sustained a fractured skull, other broken bones and second degree burns. He has filed a criminal complaint.

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