28 November 2012
Taiwan: Demand a fair trial for Chiou Ho-shun


Chiou Ho-shun has been on death row in Taiwan since 1989. He could be executed at any time.

He was arrested in 1988 along with 11 other people in connection with two murders. All 12 say they were held incommunicado for the first four months of detention, and were tortured into confessing. Chiou Ho-shun says he was blindfolded, tied up and forced to sit on ice, electrocuted and had pepper water poured into his mouth and nose. These interrogations lasted up to 10 hours at a time, with five or six people beating him. As a result, the hearing in his left ear has been severely impaired and he suffers migraines.

Following an unfair trial, his 11 co-defendants were given prison sentences. Only Chiou Ho-shun received a death sentence. In 1994, two public prosecutors and 10 police officers handling the case were convicted of extracting confessions through torture. No material evidence linking Chiou Ho-shun or his co-defendants to the crimes has ever been produced.

Following an unsuccessful appeal in 2011, Chiou Ho-shun asked the court: “I haven’t killed anyone. Why don’t judges have the courage to find me not guilty?”

Sign the petition below to call on President Ma Ying-jeou to:

  • Ensure Chiou Ho-shun receives a fair re-trial
  • Suspend all executions and death sentences as a step towards abolishing the death penalty in Taiwan

Your signatures will be delivered to President Ma Ying-jeou in January.

Remember, your signature can make a difference.

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