Activism by Country

On January 10, 2013

Patients and relatives waiting outside hospital. Freetown, Sierra Leone, 21 September 2009. © Amnesty International


On October 31, 2012
Signed البحرين: "اعترافات" قسرية ومحاكمات جائرة: الحكم على معلميْن بحرينيين بالسجن

جليلة السلمان ومهدي عيسى مهدي أبو ذيب قياديان سابقان في "جمعية المعلمين البحرينية".

On October 26, 2012
Sent Prime Minister Monti: It’s time to end segregation and forced evictions of Roma in Italy

A girl holds up a sign reading "Welcome to Rome -sign the petition against the Nomad Plan" at an event in Tor de’ Cenci camp, Rome, Italy, July 2012. © Amnesty International

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