The Secretary General’s Global Council

The Secretary General's Global Council is a forum that brings together leaders in the arts, business and philanthropy to raise Amnesty International's visibility in the global South and raise funds to support our work as we expand our presence in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East. Launched in September 2013, Global Council members use their high public profiles and draw on their professional expertise to advance human rights and Amnesty's work.

The founding members of the Global Council are:

Nicole Bieske Amnesty International - International Board Chair (ex-officio member)


Secretary General's Global Council: Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Amnesty International establish the Global Council?

The Global Council was established to help raise the public support and financial resources that will fuel Amnesty International’s expansion in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East. Amnesty International must build on the strong foundations of its membership in Europe and North America to become a truly global human rights movement. To do so, the organisation recently launched a four year, strategic initiative to promote the growth of the grassroots human rights movement in the global South, double our membership, and harness the power of new technologies to promote and protect human rights around the world. This initiative is expected to cost £15 million over four years. The Secretary General’s Global Council will play a critical role in attracting the support required to ensure the success of this transformational project.

What are the Global Council members’ responsibilities?

The goal of the Global Council is to raise financial resources and support for projects connected to our strategic focus on growth in the global South. To achieve that goal, members are asked to serve as champions for Amnesty International within their own networks and help the Secretary General to identify and engage new human rights supporters. Council members do this in a variety of ways that are suited to their backgrounds, areas of expertise, and interests. Activities may include hosting an event for potential donors, promoting Amnesty International via traditional and new/social media outlets, and inviting potential supporters to meet the Secretary General.
Members are invited to attend two in-person meetings and one meeting via conference call per year. The meetings provide opportunities to educate and inspire Council members about Amnesty International’s strategic priorities, campaigns and impact, so that they can better serve as effective ambassadors for the organisation within their networks. Members serve a two year, renewable term.

How are Council members selected?

The Global Council is made up of a small but diverse group of influential, well-connected individuals who are prominent in their fields, passionate about social justice and advancing human rights, and committed to supporting the major fundraising effort required to fuel Amnesty International’s expansion in the global South.
Nominations for Council members can come from any source, but must be made to the Secretary General and the International Fundraising Programme. The Secretary General, in consultation with the Council chair, will have sole discretion to appoint members of the Council. Participation in the Global Council is by invitation of the Secretary General.

Does the International Board play a role on the Global Council?

To provide a strong link with the governing board of the wider Amnesty International movement, one member of the International Board with relevant experience is appointed to serve a two year term as an ex-officio member of the Council.

Does the Global Council have any role in Amnesty International’s decision-making process or governance?

No. The Global Council has no role in Amnesty International’s governance or in determining Amnesty International policy.