In the context of the UPR, Amnesty International has made the following recommendations to Moldova

Torture and other ill-treatment:

  • To investigate all allegations of torture and other ill-treatment promptly, thoroughly and impartially, and to bring anyone reasonably identified as responsible to justice;
  • To suspend any police officer or law enforcement official who is under investigation for having committed acts of torture or other ill-treatment, on full pay for the duration of the investigation;
  • To ensure that anyone found to be a victim of such violations receives reparations, including fair and adequate compensation and full rehabilitation.

  • Fair trials:

  • To ensure that court hearings are public and that information about the dates and times of such hearings is publicly available.

  • Freedom of assembly:

  • To uphold the positive obligation of the state to secure the effective enjoyment of the right to peaceful assembly without interference by a third party;
  • To ensure that law enforcement officers are fully informed about the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and that they uphold the Law on Assemblies;
  • To ensure that all instances of the failure by the police to protect peaceful protestors are thoroughly and impartially investigated.

  • Discrimination:

  • To ensure the adoption of the Law on Combating and Preventing Discrimination as soon as possible;
  • To ensure that future public events by the LGBT community are permitted and adequately policed, in accordance with Moldova’s obligations under international human rights law.


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