Speaking up from the slums - 24 أبريل 2012

Headline Title:  Speaking up from the slums An Amnesty International-supported radio project in Ghana and Kenya aims to challenge public perceptions of people living in slums and give inhabitants a platform to tell their stories An radio project in Ghana and Kenya aims to challenge public perceptions of people living in slums and give inhabitants a platform to tell their stories Media Node:  Mathare kid Twitter Tag:  slums Story Location:  United Kingdom 6° 44' 24.9432" N, 1° 3' 16.8768" W See map: Google Maps “By listening to our stories, radio audiences got to know that we are just ordinary people with normal jobs” Source:  Mustafa Mahmoud, radio presenter and Kibera resident

أوقفوا الإخلاء القسري في أفريقيا

كل عام، يُلقى بآلاف العائلات في المدن الأفريقية خارج بيوتهم على يد السلطات أو غيرها، ودونما ضمانات لحقوقها الإنسانية. وعمليات الإخلاء القسري هذه تحطم حياة البشر. سكان مستوطنة غير رسمية في نيروبي، كينيا، يطالبون بوضع حد لعمليات الإخلاء القسري في اليوم العالمي للمواطنة 2011 © Amnesty International 

En finir avec les expulsions forcées en Afrique

Chaque année dans les villes d’Afrique, des milliers de familles sont expulsées de chez elles par les autorités et d’autres acteurs sans la moindre garantie en matière de droits humains. Ces expulsions forcées détruisent des vies. Un habitant d’un bidonville de Nairobi, au Kenya, demande la fin des expulsions forcées à l’occasion de la Journée mondiale de l’habitat en 2011. © Amnesty International

Poner fin a los desalojos forzosos en África

Todos los años, miles de familias que viven en ciudades africanas son expulsadas de sus hogares por las autoridades u otros agentes sin salvaguardas que protejan sus derechos humanos. Estos desalojos forzosos destrozan vidas; las personas no solo pierden sus casas, sino también sus posesiones y empleos, y los niños y las niñas se ven obligados a abandonar la escuela. Habitante de un asentamiento informal de Nairobi, Kenia, hace un llamamiento el Día Mundial del Hábitat 2011 para que se acaben los desalojos forzosos. © Amnistía Internacional

Stop forced evictions in Africa

Every year in African cities thousands of families are thrown out of their homes by the authorities or others without human rights safeguards. These forced evictions shatter lives. An informal settlement resident in Nairobi, Kenya, demands an end to forced evictions on World Habitat Day 2011. © Amnesty International 

Afghanistan: Urgent humanitarian assistance needed for displaced persons

Displaced Afghans, fleeing war for the relative safety of cities, are facing misery in urban slums. “Since we came there is no assistance or anything; the family has not eaten anything for the past two days….We are displaced and have lost all our livelihoods,” Zarin, a 70-year old displaced w

IOC rejection of Dow concerns leaving toxic legacy for London 2012 - 16 فبراير 2012

Headline Title:  IOC rejection of Dow concerns leaving toxic legacy for Olympics It is extremely disappointing that Olympic organizers continue to side with Dow Chemical Company while refusing to listen to legitimate concerns over the company’s sponsorship of the London games, The organizers of the London 2012 Olympics have rejected a call to terminate Dow Chemicals' sponsorship of the Games. Media Node:  India: Dow Bhopal protester Twitter Tag:  London2012 Story Location:  India 19° 23' 43.62" N, 77° 25' 53.9076" E “Unbelievably the IOC says Dow is committed to ‘good corporate governance’, shocking when you consider all the facts and that the company refuses liability for a corporate disaster the scale of Bhopal, creating a toxic legacy for London 2012. said ” Source:  Seema Joshi, Amnesty International's Head of Business and Human Rights التاريخ:  Thu, 16/02/2012 المسار:  Olympics ethics chief: London 2012 committee ‘apologists’ for Dow chemicals الوصف:  News story, 26 January 2012 المسار:  London 2012 organisers must admit Dow mistake after ethics chief quits الوصف:  News story, 25 January 2012 المسار:  London 2012 organizers must not forget Bhopal disaster الوصف:  News story, 2 December 2011

Haïti : il faut de toute urgence un plan pour mettre fin à la pénurie de logements - 10 فبراير 2012

Headline Title:  Haïti : il faut mettre fin à la pénurie de logements Les autorités haïtiennes doivent immédiatement élaborer et mettre en œuvre un plan pour résoudre la grave crise du logement que connaît le pays, a déclaré Amnesty International vendredi 10 fév La mort d'une enfant dans un incendie dans un camp hébergeant des survivants du tremblement de terre montre à quel point il est urgent que les autorités résolvent la crise du logement en Haïti. Media Node:  Haiti earthquake camps_fr Story Location:  Haïti 19° 25' 39.2556" N, 71° 47' 44.3544" W “Si rien n'est fait pour améliorer les conditions de vie des centaines de milliers d'hommes, de femmes et d'enfants qui vivent dans des camps de fortune en Haïti, le risque est à craindre que d'autres tragédies comme celle-ci ne se produisent.” Source:  Javier Zuñiga, conseiller spécial d'Amnesty International المسار:  Les autorités haïtiennes poussent à la rue des victimes du séisme الوصف:  Nouvelle, 11 janvier 2012 المسار:  Des centaines de familles haïtiennes ont été expulsées d'un camp de fortune installé après le tremblement de terre الوصف:  Nouvelle, 22 juillet 2011 المسار:  Haïti. Doublement touchées. Des femmes s'élèvent contre les violences sexuelles dans les camps haïtiens الوصف:  Rapport, 6 janvier 2011

Urgent plan needed to tackle housing crisis in Haiti - 10 فبراير 2012

Headline Title:  Urgent plan needed to tackle housing crisis in Haiti Haitian authorities must urgently develop and implement a national plan to tackle the country’s severe housing crisis, Amnesty International said today after a child died in a fire that broke out i The death of a child amid a fire at an earthquake survivors' camp in Haiti highlights the authorities' need to resolve the dire housing crisis. Media Node:  Haiti earthquake camps Story Location:  Haiti 19° 25' 39.2556" N, 71° 47' 44.3544" W “Unless urgent action is taken to improve the living conditions of the hundreds of thousands of men, women and children living in makeshift camps across Haiti, we can only expect more tragedies like this to take place.” Source:  Javier Zúñiga, Special Advisor at Amnesty International التاريخ:  Fri, 10/02/2012 المسار:  Haitian authorities forcing quake victims into homelessness الوصف:  News story, 11 January 2012 المسار:  Hundreds of Haitian families evicted from earthquake camp الوصف:  News story, 22 July 2011 المسار:  Haiti: Aftershocks: Women speak out against sexual violence In Haiti’s camps الوصف:  Report, 6 January 2011

Cambodia: Stop the use of excessive force against peaceful land activists - 2 فبراير 2012

Headline Title:  Cambodia: Stop the use of excessive force against peaceful land activists Cambodian authorities must stop the use of excessive force against peaceful land and housing activists, Amnesty International said today, after police violently dispersed a group of around 150 wome Excessive force has been used on a number of occasions against peaceful demonstrations in Cambodia calling for land rights to be respected. Media Node:  Borei Keila forced eviction in Phnom Penh Story Location:  Cambodia 11° 33' 33.5772" N, 104° 7' 42.3048" E “The Cambodian government is saying one thing and authorities at the local level are doing another. Yesterday’s use of excessive force by police in Phnom Penh contradicts the Prime Minister’s call for peaceful resolutions to land disputes.” Source:  Donna Guest, Deputy Director of Amnesty International’s Asia-Pacific Programme التاريخ:  Thu, 02/02/2012 المسار:  Cambodia: Borei Keila forced eviction and arbitrary detention of 22 women and 6 children الوصف:  Letter, 23 January 2012 المسار:  Cambodia: Release peaceful protesters detained over forced eviction الوصف:  Press release, 12 January 2012 المسار:  Cambodia: Victims of forced eviction detained الوصف:  Urgent action, 11 January 2012 المسار:  Cambodia: Eviction and resistance in Cambodia: Five women tell their stories الوصف:  Report, 24 November 2011 المسار:  Cambodia: Women hit hard by wave of forced evictions الوصف:  News story, 24 November 2011